What are people saying about Madde behind her back?

Gibba’s self-deprecating lens casts a kaleidescopic hodgepodge of hilarity. She views New York with the sensibilities of a smart, self-aware hayseed.
The local arts community’s relationship with Gibba is like one with a significant other who is way out of our league. We secretly hope she never realizes just how much better she can do, but we know that time will have to come some day and, when it does, it will be for the best. In the meantime, though, we’ll prolong the inevitable with gifts and praise, and five hand reviews. A big talent playing in a small space.
— VitaMN, "Dear Madde"
Madde Gibba is a triple threat: she can act, improvise, and sing. She’s also adorable
— Minnesota Monthly
Madde Gibba is funny and charming
— Cherry and the Spoon
Dear Madde. I’m in love.
— Minnesota Playlist
The clever music that accompanies different characters will set your feet tapping, and the catchy melodies will get stuck in your head. The audience laughed throughout, and so will you. This hour long giggle-fest is a must-see.
— Star Tribune, "Dear Madde"